CG 91:11 Kit
CG 91:11 Kit

CG 91:11 Kit

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Waking up in the middle of the night to a fire or natural disaster is going to require that you be able to perform critical and decisive task in a highly stressful environment. The 91:11 Get Out Safe Kit is our answer for an extremely portable and highly organized collection of tools needed to get you to safety as quickly as possible. 

The kit comes in a case custom designed by Contingent Group operators that is water/dust resistant, extremely durable and easily pack able in any carry on or travel bag. The interior of the kit has specifically sewn pouches the snugly hold each piece of equipment in place so you will know exactly where it will be in all visibility conditions. 

Inside the case is everything you need to enhance your personal safety in a variety of dangerous situations-each item tested and selected by the operators at Contingent Group. The 91:11 Kit includes:

Doorstop Alarm 

Breath-of-Life Emergency Escape Mask

Seat belt Cutter 

Petzl High-powered Headlamp 

SWAT-T Tourniquet

SABRE Personal Alarm 

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