Breath of Life Escape Hood

Breath of Life Escape Hood

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Smoke HoodThe Breath of Life Emergency Escape Hood designed to allow temporary breathing in the event of a fire.  This hood provides for 15-20 minutes of breathable air to escape from a burning building.  The hood is designed to keep out smoke and fumes for a short time in order to give you the chance to escape to safety. 

  • Empowers a person under threat from smoke, natural disaster or terrorist attack to escape from the place of danger to a safe zone
  • Provides real protection from hazardous airborne particulate matter, including smoke, dust, biological toxins and chemical agents
  • Is lightweight, highly portable and easily accessible in case of emergency
  • Fits easily over the head, including beards or glasses, and closes tightly around the neck, protecting the head, face and eyes. One size fits all
  • Can save lives in case of an emergency by providing the vital time needed to escape.


Size- 6.5” x 5" perfect size to put in your pocket, briefcase or backpack

Weight- less than 1.5oz (56.7 g)