What is a B.O.B.?

The B.O.B. or Bug Out Building was designed and developed by Contingent Group. Our vision at CG is to build the most complete and self sustained life support environment ever offered to both public and private consumers.

When you purchase a B.O.B. you aren’t just receiving a one size fits all structure. Instead, each client will work directly with our team of retired Navy SEALs, SWAT, First Responders, Intelligence Analyst and Survival experts to develop a custom solution that meets the needs of your environment. This would include but not be limited to the client’s most likely threats, ways to mitigate them, and supplies necessary to fit their needs and desires. We have teamed up with the industries leading suppliers and manufacturers to provide the best and most advanced inventory options for our clients.

Geographical location, terrain, and intended purpose are a few aspects that can differ greatly. This is why personalization and custom options are nearly endless depending on the clients needs. Features such as power supply, tools/weaponry, climate control, food/water storage, communications systems, and medical readiness equipment are all self contained inside B.O.B.  Any accommodations for more or less of a feature listed above, or something not listed, is completely attainable to suit the needs of the client.

Each B.O.B. is custom built, transported, and installed at your desired location. Yes, your B.O.B. can be installed virtually anywhere you choose, both above or below ground. The service will be carried out by a project manager who will coordinate the setup, connection, and commissioning of the system with you. The services don’t end there. Once your B.O.B. is installed, a CG representative will be able to assist with any questions you may have regarding your new unit or supplies.

In summary, the B.O.B. is the most advanced and personalized survival system available, backed by the professionals at Contingent Group. By combining physical security and life sustaining supplies in an all in one structure, you can have peace of mind that whatever may or can happen, you and those closest to you will be around to see it pass. For more information about ordering, please reach us at info@contingentgroup.com